Below is the datasheet of the Wireless MEMS Vibration Meter, a triaxial vibration meter that meets the SBR – DIN and ISO specifications. With built-in WiFi and li-ion battery that can be used to measure for around 3 weeks, depending on the settings. With the accompanying small and storm-resistant USB solar panel (the size of an A4 paper) measurements can be made virtually without limit. The filters of the SBR, DIN and ISO are implemented as well as the method for determining the dominant frequency (as described, among other things, in the SBR-A). The meter has a very low own noise level depending on the sampling rate/high-pass filter for DIN – SBR-A <20 um/s peak @ 1 Hz. At higher frequencies the noise is lower. In the tables below there are all specifications of the instrument according to the manufacturer.