Cloud subscription


The Cloud solution works in synch with our wireless MEMS sound and vibration meters. The “Instrument Manager” software is used to simplify the installation and configuration procedures of instruments and to enable the management of recorded data via the internet. Once you purchase our Cloud solution, you will be able to create your own, protected account.

For each Cloud subscription you will get 500 MB of online data storage that you can manage through an internet browser from every device; each Cloud sub. grant you the use of one instrument (for example, if you want to activate 2 instrumenst on the Cloud simultaneously, you have to possess no. 2 Cloud subs). It is possible to deactivate and activate any instrument at any moment.

The Cloud solution enables accurate, long-term time synchronization of all instruments that receive, send and report data in the cloud.

The servers of the cloud solution are continuously corrected with the help of a very accurate time reference. All instruments that use the cloud service are exactly synchronized with the server time every time they connect to the server. Thanks to that time synchronization, events that are simultaneously detected by more than one instrument are precisely aligned with their respective timeline, regardless of the clock deviation of the individual instrument.

The cloud service aligns the clocks of all instruments connected to it, so that everything falls within <1 second of the reference clock. This facilitates comparisons and correlations of recordings made by different instruments, even for very long recordings, where instrument clock deviation has traditionally been a problem.


  • the site is accessed using a secured connection (HTTPS), and has an SSL certificate that is renewed yearly.
  • each access is protected by username/password. The username is NOT an email address, which makes it more difficult to find/hack. Passwords are transmitted encrypted;
  • the access is also protected by firewall;
  • a lost password cannot be recovered. It needs to be regenerated by the system. Generated passwords must follow rules that insure a good level of strength;
  • in addition, the DDCI protocol used on top of TCP/IP by the instruments to report their data is proprietary and is not public.

Cloud features

  • new upcoming feature: soon it will be possible to change the configuration of a running instrument wirelessly via your Cloud account (now in beta testing phase);
  • manage your instruments and their relative (wlg) files;
  • view noise levels or vibration levels or signals during a specific period of time;
  • monitor the temperature of the instrumenst over time;
  • monitor the battery voltage of the instruments over time;
  • receive e-mail alarms from your instruments when the noiselevel, acceleration or speed level exceeds a threshold, or when the instrument’s battery falls below the critical voltage.

Examples of online data

Example of a measured vibration with time stamp, always and everywhere available in your Cloud.

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Example ofa long-term noise measurement with time stamp, in this specific case weighted in dB(C).
Example of the monitoring of an instrument’s temperature.

Example of the battery level of the instrument.