Wireless MEMS Sound Level Meter

Part of the same family as that of the Wireless MEMS Vibration Meter is the Wireless MEMS Sound Level Meter with built-in Wifi, accurate clock and Li-ion battery. The accuracy of the measurements is within the acceptance limits of IEC-61672-1: 2013, we can provide a calibration certificate. Due to the technology used (MEMs cannot be calibrated with a Multi-calibrator) that must be done in “dead room” with a reference microphone with special techniques. Also the calibration standard IEC-61672-3: 2013 does not provide for a calibration according to this standard because everything is digital (and without a display) and the standard does not provide for this (read about it here). However, the measurement results are well within the tolerances of class 1. Very low noise levels <30 dB (A) cannot be measured reliably with this instrument due to the noise of MEMs at high sampling frequencies.

Disclaimer: we, the distributor, and the manufacturer of the instrument, firmly discourage to try and calibrate it with a Multi-Calibrator (for example a B&K 4226). This process can damage part of the logger, such as the grid the protect the microphone.

Already customers of the sound level meter, among others: Boers & Co FijnMechanische Industrie, Dura Vermeer, Logoplaste, Constellium, Bouwfysisch Adviesburo Zorn, Koloszaal, SCHIU Noise and Vibration Engineering, Wedel Software B.V.

Watch the video for a detailed guide about the setup of an instrument on the Cloud.

Just like the vibration meter, the sound level meter can measure wirelessly and send the data to a server PC or to our Cloud storage. The Li-ion battery guarantees five days to a week of continuous noise measurement. We can supply a USB solar panel especially designed for thes instruments, which allows the customer to measure the noise for months, even in bad weather conditions.

Software package

Together with the wireless MEMS Sound Level Meter we offer a free software package that includes six programs that have been developed and tested for Windows Vista to 10, thes softwares are only available in the English. The package gives the customer full control over the meter settings, calibrations, measurements and data management.

Instrument Manager

The “Instrument Manager” is essential for the functioning of the SLM. Through this software you can:

  • set up the meter;
  • calibrate the meter;
  • begin and stop a measurement;
  • set up the wireless features of the meter and email alarms;
  • manage and download the data inside the instrument.

Make sure that thesoftware is installed on your computer before you connect the instrument to the PC. You can download the software here.

Instrument Listener

The “Instrument Listener” is essential for the instrument’s wireless functions unless the user has purchased a Cloud subscription. With this program, your computer works like a server and receives the data sent via Wi-Fi via the meter. Make sure that the software is installed on your computer before you connect the instrument to the PC. You can download the software here.

Community Noise Metrics

The “Community Noise Metrics” is an optional software useful to perform calculations, such as Lden, L10, L95, Lday and others. You can download the software here.


The “Autocalculator” is an optional software to calculate noise statistics (LEQ, Lmin, Lmax, percentiles … etc.) and to set an automatic export into Excel (LEQ, Lmin, Lmax, percentiles … etc.). You can download this software here.

Frequency response and directivity

“Frequency response and directivity” is an optional software. Software download is at this link.

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