Version for developers: MEMS_Dev

MEMS_Dev is similar to the Wireless MEMS Sound Level Meter in form, function and performance, but has been redesigned with developers in mind. This instrument is designed to be used while connected to a host such as a Raspberry Pi. In such applications the MEMS_Dev is driven by a custom application. Such application can easily configure the instrument read its data in real-time, and perform other custom functions as intended by the developer. The MEMS_Dev cannot be used in standalone mode.

The main differences between the Wirelss MEMS Sound Level Meter and the MEMS_Dev are:

  • The _Dev does not have a battery. It is meant to be used while connected to a host and powered by the host’s USB port.
  • The _Dev does not have any non-volatile memory. It is intended to be connected to a host and driven by a custom application. Such application will use the host’s non-volatile memory as the situation requires.
  • The _Dev offers a Virtual Com Port interface (through its USB connection) for communication with the host. The communication protocol is open and documented.
  • The _Dev has been tested on Windows and Linux. It will work on any platform that provides a generic USB CDC-class driver.

The MEMS_Dev has an optional Audio USB Interface. Through that interface, the instrument is seen as a USB microphone, and its audio signal can be captured in real-time. Unlike a typical USB microphone, the audio signal that the instrument streams is weighted and calibrated in Pa.