Wireless MEMS Vibration Meter

Affordable Wireless MEMS triaxial Vibration Meter, a versatile monitoring system for vibrations. The meter works on the basis of the latest MEMS sensor and has an extremely low self-noise level of 20 um/s peak at 1 Hz, so that the strict requirements of the DIN-4150, DIN-45669-1 and SBR-A are met. The filters of the SBR-A and DIN-45669 are implemented in the meter. The system comes with free softwares and it has built-in WIFI and USB completely encased in epoxy (IP57 Rating). Here’s the complete datasheet.

The instrument can measure acceleration, speed and inclination. The meter can be used while it is connected to a PC or wireless via WiFi connection. The system comes with a Wi-Fi connection, Li-ion battery, a precise clock, e-mail alarms and can continuously monitor or start measuring after a set trigger (relative to a certain velocity or acceleration value).

A Cloud solution is available and recommended so that you can consult and monitor your measurement data online via the internet.

New Cloud features:

  • it is now possible to fully control and perform an over-the-air reconfiguration of the instrument via your Cloud account; if an instrument fail to connect to the Wifi you will be alerted via email for a certain period;
  • possibility to input a secondary measuring setup to differentiate your records per minute, hour, or day of the week.

The versatility of the vibration meter makes various applications possible. A number of accessories is available.

Already customers of the product, among the others: the Dutch Ministry of Defense, Stichting Geluidshinder, NIMOS, NUON Velsen, Ontwikkelen In de Stad, Cambrian Engineering Corporation, SCHIU Noise and Vibration Engineering, Non Stop Service B.V, Grondgrip B.V., Noorman Bouw- en milieu-advies.

Our company is the dealer for these instruments for the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany.

To order an instrument or to rent one, visit our webshop geluid.eu.

Watch the video to setup a meter working and reporting wireless, using a laptop or a pc as a server.
Do you want to setup an instrument on the Cloud? Watch for the video first!